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Plant a Bouquet

If you’re like me and can never have too many flowers, now is the time to plan a cutting garden so you can have your... read more

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Today in History

1981: Canada and the U.S. signed the Pacific Albacore Tuna Treaty More

Memorial Day Meaning

When is Memorial Day in 2016 (U.S.)? Get dates and Memorial Day history... read more

Weather Folklore of the Day

If the Moon shows a silver shield,Don't be afraid to reap your field;But if she rises haloed roun... More

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Set sage in May, and it will grow always. More

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Is the temperature colder during a full Moon? More

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Why Stars Twinkle

Why do stars twinkle? And why don’t planets? You’d think the “Twinkle, Twinkle…” nursery rhyme... read more