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To enter the Almanac Pet Photo Contest, submit a digital picture of your dog, cat, or other furry friend. We'll award prizes at the end of spring and end of fall. Submissions take year-round!

In the kitchen, we tend to waste a lot of food, water, and supplies. Here are some ways to save money when buying and preparing food from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

If you have herb gardens or a nearby farmer's market, collect herbs at their prime to create a sweet-smeling handkerchief sachet!

Pressed flowers make lovely cards, pictures, pretty boxes, and much more. Here's instructions on how to press those lovely blooms.

How to keep more money in your pocket? Here are ten money-saving ideas from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Tired of the disposable lifestyle? It's expensive and wasteful. See ways to get longer life out of the things in the kitchen.

Don't throw that away! Here are many ways to take something old and give it a second life.

If you burn candles in your home, especially around the holidays, keep in mind these household tips.

Here's how to make orange pomanders, which will fresh your closets and home—and also make a lovely holiday ornament for friends, family, and work colleagues.

Create a colorful strand of red and green chili peppers for a unique holiday decoration. Here's how: