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If you burn candles in your home, especially around the holidays, keep in mind these household tips.

Here's how to make orange pomanders, which will fresh your closets and home—and also make a lovely holiday ornament for friends, family, and work colleagues.

Create a colorful strand of red and green chili peppers for a unique holiday decoration. Here's how:

Transform a soda can into a holiday candle decoration. You may want to ask your parents to help with the cutting part. Here's how:

Would you like to re-create those pumpkin spice mixtures that are often for sale in gift shops? Here is the right proportion of ingredients.

Check out this author's intriguing theory—best tested by parents of large families—about the relationship between the moon phase and when a mother gives birth.

At a time when we seem to be surrounded by sameness, some parents want their children to stand out. This quest for individuality is fueling a radical evolution in baby names.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to having a baby and raising your children. Check out the Almanac's advice, facts, and folklore from baby names to best days to wean.

As with parents who have young children in the house, pet owners must take stock of their surroundings to keep pets safe and out of danger. Here are some basic tips on keeping your pet safe.

Why do pets eat grass? Why do cats rub against people? The Almanac helps you understand (and love) your pet's behavior!

Why do cats and dogs eat grass?

Most do at some point and then vomit. While no one is certain why, some say it purges unpleasant toxins from...

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