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I can hear it now: "Hey! What is this? I bought this vinyl siding because it's not supposed to need any maintenance!" The following suggestions are more or less optional, but if you'd like to keep your siding looking good for as long as possible, it's well worth...

The following pointers on how to choose and use paintbrushes are crucial to a seamless, low-stress painting project.

In your home you are surrounded by items with obscure names as arcane as any you'll find on a clipper ship! To help, here is a homeowner's glossary with building terminology.

But if you don't feel up to memorizing the following list, relax. That's what the word ...

Appliances are often big-ticket items. If you're looking to save money, here are some tips on buying appliances wisely.

When you’re looking to save money, thrift shops are a good place to start. At The Salvation Army thrift shops, you save money and they save lives.

You’ll find used sporting goods, pots, pans and dishes, furniture, and...

We’d all prefer to have some money left in our wallets after paying for clothing. These handy tips will make your dollars go further when shopping for clothes.

Looking for ways to save money at the grocery store? Here are some practical money-saving tips that can be used for when shopping for groceries.

Proper preparation for repainting depends on preparing the surface properly. Here are some tips:

Look to this handy chart for some expert advice on choosing types of carpets.

Here are your pet profiles based on the zodiac signs!

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