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Picking the perfect wedding gift that is both useful and pleasing to the couple can be a difficult task. Once upon a time, a bride prepared for marriage by filling a hope chest with hand-sewn linens. Today, couples traditionally register for gifts, mainly household items. One...

The wedding cake has a long history and is still a very popular custom. Read on to learn more about wedding cake traditions. . .

Here's a look at the customs, traditions, and etiquette of wedding rituals—then and now.

Preserve your fruits. See how to make jams and preserves. Here are a few canning tips and recipes.

Learn how to store your vegetables, fruits, and herbs, especially at harvest time!

The Moon has a personal relationship with us all, and folklore has it that courting and birthing are influenced by the Moon

Native Americans used cornhusks to make spiritual messenger dolls. Early settlers in the Colonies painted faces on cornhusk dolls and made them into toys.

Manure creates nutrient-rich, moisture-retaining soil for your plants.

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