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Judging from these tips from 1867, the expectations of children between then and now have certainly changed quite a bit!

The question of when to wean a baby has plagued new mothers for centuries. Here's Almanac advice from 1881!

Different pets will display sickness symptoms differently, but you should always be on the watch and consider a call to your vet when you notice any of the following signs of a sick cat or dog.

Just as with humans, improved health care has meant an increased life span for dogs and cats. Along with aging come frequent minor health concerns. Follow these tips on caring for an older pet to head off serious problems.

Keep your pets well with proper nutrition! Here are tips for feeding your dog and cat.

(Here's an article from the Almanac archives with some tongue-in-cheek advice about having a baby . . . )

Anyone with the brains of a bunny can raise a happy, healthy, successful child by following a few simple rules. The following bits of folk wisdom have been collected...

The ice cream sold in supermarkets today is not what it once was. It is also ridiculously expensive!

Learn how to make sweet pickles the "old-fashioned" way. We guarantee you that the slow way is the best way.

Sauerkraut made at home has no peer in a can at a deli counter. Follow these tips on how to make homemade sauerkraut of your own!

Certainly among the oldest ways of reliably preserving meats, salting and brining have given the world some of its favorite dishes.

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