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With more than 100 recognized breeds to choose from, hen selection is your first high hurdle. Are you interested solely in eggs or meat, or do you prefer a dual purpose bird? Brown eggs or white? Standard size hens or small bantams? This is no job for the...

Can you tell the difference between a boiler and a broiler? A rooster from a roaster? We've compiled a list of chicken terms every owner needs to know.

Here are 2015 dates for setting chicken eggs by the Moon's sign. According to tradition, this age-old practice will produce chickens that are healthier and mature faster.

Looking to paint a room in your house but aren't sure the measurements? Find out how much paint you need using our guide.

If you want to put wallpaper in your room, but aren't sure where to begin, follow our easy steps to find out how much wallpaper you need.

Did you know? In colonial times, wallpaper was hung with tacks; pasting came later. Borders made of separate pieces...

Use our handy tricks and tips for finding out how much you need to do your home's tile flooring.

Trying to figure out the gestation period or proper age for first mating for your animal? Find the answers in the gestation and mating table from the pages of The Old Farmer's Almanac.

How old is your dog in human years? Multiplying your dog's age by seven is easy, but isn't very accurate.

We know packing for a vacation can be stressful—somehow we always tend to over pack! To make things a little easier, we've complied a list of what NOT to bring on your next trip.

Whether you're at home, or far away, don't let a rainy day spoil your vacation! There are still tons of fun things to do. Check out some of our suggestions for beating the rainy-day vacation blues:

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