As we watch the Moon move across the sky, how much is it moving, versus the Earth's own movement?

When you watch the Moon move from east to west, it travels its own diameter in about 3 minutes. The speed at which we see it move is mostly due to the Earth's movement, not the Moon's. The Earth's movement accounts for 95 percent of the shifting position of the Moon. The other 5 percent is actually the Moon itself moving.

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If rock salt lowers the temperature of the ice and keeps it from thawing when making ice cream, can it be used in a cooler to help keep the food colder longer? Also, if rock salt keeps the ice in an ice cream maker from thawing, how does it melt ice on the road?

It all has to do with the fact that rock salt lowers the freezing/melting point of ice. When you're making ice cream, the rock salt doesn't keep the ice from thawing. What it does is mix with the ice, melting it and lowering the freezing point of the liquid left behind. This brine has a temperature around 0 degrees Fahrenheit--cold enough to freeze ice cream. On roads, rock salt has a similar effect, melting the ice and lowering the temperature of the liquid left behind. But since the freezing point of the liquid is lower, not only has the salt gotten rid of the ice that formed previously, but much colder temperatures are now needed to turn the liquid that's left back into ice.By the way, we don't recommend using rock salt in a cooler.

How many ships lie at the bottom of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?

Ships have gone under since man took to the water, and since that reaches into ancient history, there can be no accurate count. Explorers have recently been able to retrieve artifacts from ships sunk as early as the 5th century B.C. Many ships of the ancients Romans have also recently been explored. In 1958 the American Peter Throckmorton found a graveyard of ancient ships and discovered the oldest shipwreck ever recorded, at Turkey's Cape Gelidonya: a Bronze Age shipwreck of the 14th century BC. War and weather makes no shortage of shipwrecks throughout history. Some of the larger, mass wrecks include those sunk in the battle of Salamis -- an island off the Greek coast -- between the Greek and the Persians. In 480 B.C., 240 ships were sunk. One of the biggest ships ever sunk was the battleship Bismarck, all 52,600 tons, sunk in the North sea 1941. Sable Island, in eastern Nova Scotia, Canada, is called "the graveyard of the Atlantic". It is a major hazard to navigation, and more than 200 shipwrecks have occurred here since 1583. The Outer Banks, North Carolina at Cape Hatteras are full of shipwrecks and pirate lore. Norman's Woe on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, a reef off the cape's east coast, has been the scene of numerous shipwrecks. Fire Island, New York, was notorious for shipwrecks until the building of the lighthouse at its western tip in 1858. While England had a governor in Williamsburg, Virginia, he sent a monthly written report back to the king. To be safe, the governor always sent the report and a copy of it on two different ships, since too often was a sailing ship lost.

Can you tell me a bit about Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams was born on February 20, 1902. Four years later, in 1906, he broke his nose by falling during an aftershock of the San Francisco earthquake--an accident that left a permanent scar. As an adult, Ansel became a world-famous photographer of the American West.

I have some chewing gum stuck to the carpet in my car. Can I remove it without cutting the carpet?

Try rubbing the gum with an ice cube, then scraping it off with a dull knife. Remove any residue with cleaning fluid, then rinse with a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water.

What was Pope John Paul's real name, and who was the first pope?

Pope John Paul II's given name was Karol Wojityla. He was elected by the College of Cardinals on October 16, 1978, after John Paul I died in office. The Roman Catholic Church considers the Apostle St. Peter to be the first pope of the church because Jesus appointed him specifically. He died in a.d. 64.

The wall behind my stove is spattered with grease and oil. How should I clean it before painting?

Try a dilute mixture of ammonia and water, increasing the amount of ammonia as necessary. Be sure to have good ventilation while doing this. If ammonia and water don't cut the grease, you may need to get a heavy-duty commercial grease cutter from a hardware store.

What are the sources and outlet of Lake Superior?

About 200 rivers empty into Lake Superior, the largest being the Nipigon, from the north, and the St. Louis, from the west. The lake flows out at its eastern end into Lake Huron through the St. Marys River.

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