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Why can't you stuff a turkey ahead of time?

The combination of moist stuffing and uncooked turkey invites the growth of salmonella, a type of bacteria common in poultry. The stuffing can be prepared ahead of time and put into the turkey just before roasting. After cooking, all stuffing should be removed from the bird's cavity.

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    Why do my palms sweat when I am nervous?

    Sweat is from the sympathetic nervous system that reacts when adrenalin is released. Adrenalin will be released when you become nervous.

    How often should a piano be tuned?

    A new piano should be tuned four times during its first year. After that, it should be tuned at least twice a year. More frequent tunings will be necessary if atmospheric conditions surrounding the piano are not uniform. Changes in humidity cause the wood to expand and contract, which in turn causes the tension on the strings to change. When tension on the strings changes, the piano goes out of tune.

    Can I freeze sour cream?

    We wouldn't recommend freezing sour cream. Its texture will suffer, becoming grainy, and it will most likely separate and not reblend well.

    When and why did the word southpaw originate?

    The word was coined in the late 19th century by Finley Peter Dunne, a Chicago sportswriter. At that time, home plate in Chicago faced west, which meant that a left-handed pitcher released the ball on the south side of his body. The "paw" referred to his hand.

    Why is it called hamburger when it is made from beef?

    Hamburger was named for the city of Hamburg, Germany, where it was common for residents to pound their beef in the 19th century. By 1912, people in the United States were shaping this pulverized beef into patties.

    Who was the first lady when Thomas Jefferson was president?

    Dolly Madison would sometimes assist the widowed President Jefferson in entertaining guests at the White House. Jefferson's daughter, Martha, also appeared as the lady of the President's House in the winter of 1802-1803, when she spent seven weeks there.

    Where did the phrase "rain check" originate?

    This phrase originally referred to a voucher given to spectators at a baseball game that was rained out. The "rain check" allowed them to watch another game for free. Our sources indicate that the term came into being around 1884 and gradually came to refer to vouchers for other sports and eventually to vouchers you get at, say, the drugstore, when it runs out of sale-priced toothpaste.

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