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What is the geographic center of the United States?

The exact point lies in Butte County, South Dakota, just west of Castle Rock.

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    I have heard that it can be too cold to snow, but is that really possible?

    It is possible, but it is more accurate to say "too dry to snow." It rarely snows when temperatures are below zero, but it is not impossible. Snow forms when moist air rises and cools. So if you have some moist air, you can have snow. If conditions are too dry, however, the moist air rising may not form into snow, or it may become snow with flakes so small that they evaporate before reaching Earth. This kind of evaporation also happens faster when it is very cold. Places where there is a lot of moisture in the air from large bodies of water can produce snow even at the coldest temperatures. That's why you always hear about Buffalo getting hit with snow. The people there have the moisture from nearby Lake Erie to blame!

    How can I keep ants from coming into my house this summer?

    You can try squirting a bit of lemon juice around the bottoms of your doors and on your windowsills. It seems to have a repellent effect.

    Has anyone else seen a Moon rainbow? If so, are they common?

    The lunary rainbow, seldom seen, is usually observable soon after dark, following a brief summer storm or shower, when the Moon is nearly full.

    When does maple sugaring usually start?

    Although maple sugaring sometimes starts as early as the second or third week of February, it usually begins about the first week of March.

    What was America's biggest pig?

    The record probably belongs to Big Bill, a Poland China hog from Tennessee that weighed a stunning 2,552 pounds and measured 9 feet long. (His belly dragged on the ground.) At his demise, this little piggy didn't go to market. Instead, he was stuffed, mounted, and displayed.

    I've heard of cirrocumulus clouds, but don't know how to recognize them. Can you explain?

    Cirrocumulus clouds are loosely packed sheets of small, white cloud segments at altitudes of 18,000 to 20,000 feet or more. They form what some call a "mackerel sky," resembling scales on a fish. The clouds may consist of ice crystals or water droplets or both. Their patchy appearance is caused by vertical air currents at the cloud level, indicating a lack of stability and a possible approaching storm.

    Where can I find information about Curacao, including the language spoken there?

    The people of Curacao, at the base of the Caribbean Sea, descend from more than 50 ethnic groups. The native language, Papiamento, is a creole mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, African, and Arawak Indian. For more information, try this Web site:

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