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Astronomy Articles

Whether you're  a beginner sky watcher or a serious astronomer, here are astronomy resources that will help you watch the heavens.

It's the Snow Moon! Find February Full Moon phases for 2015—plus, best days by the Moon, full Moon names, and more.

The following is a explanation of spring and neap tides in relation to lunar and solar cycles.

What are some of Earth's greatest sky events? Here's the Almanac's take on the most spectacular, memorable, and even scary sky phenomena visible to the naked eye since 1792.

Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, is named for the Roman god of agriculture.

Here at the Almanac, we believe that solar science, the study of sunspots and other solar activity, can influence weather here on Earth. In this article, we explain the basics of solar activity, solar cycles, and what's up with the Sun now.

The aurora borealis or northern lights is one of nature's most dazzling events. Shimmering curtains of color waft in the night air.
Huge arcs and pillars of color dance and float through the dark.

Mark these solar eclipse dates on your calendar so you don't miss any of this century's spectacles!

The Old Farmer's Almanac uses sunspot activity to help in making its weather predictions. What exactly are sunspots?

The Sun is Hotter Than Hot!

The Sun's temperature varies over time and throughout these seven layers . . .

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