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Astronomy Articles

Long ago, people could find their way in the outdoors without a compass—at night or during the day, using natural directional signs. Here are some pointers for the next time you are camping, hiking, or just outdoors. Don't get lost!

You may have heard that Pluto is no longer a planet. Here's the skinny on what was once known as our Sun's smallest planet.

In 2015, the Full Moon rises on Saturday, August 29—and it's a "Supermoon." Learn more below—plus, find Moon phase information, best days by the Moon, and folklore.

We see meteor showers, or shooting stars, when the Earth travels though clouds of particles left by comets (or asteroids).

Find the June Strawberry Moon phases for 2016—plus, best days by the Moon, full Moon names, and more.

Find out the Full Moon dates for May 2016, traditionally called the Full Flower Moon.

In the latter half of 2010 Jupiter will be making it's brightest, closest appearance in over 45 years! Find out why Jupiter will be so close to Earth, and where you can see it! Then, check out our fascinating facts about Jupiter.

Here’s a little something deliciously arcane for those who long for the “simplicity” of life before computers . . .

Listed in the Astronomical Glossary of The Old Farmer's Almanac is the word Epact, expressed as a number from 1 to 30.

Find the 2016 April Pink Moon phases—plus, best days by the Moon, full Moon names, and more.

Whether you're  a beginner sky watcher or a serious astronomer, here are astronomy resources that will help you watch the heavens.

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