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Rise & Set Phoenix, Arizona for 2013-11-5

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sun 5:27 A.M. 6:51 A.M. 5:32 P.M. 6:56 P.M.10:40
Moon 9:06 A.M. 7:43 P.M.
Mercury 6:12 A.M. 5:08 P.M.
Venus10:45 A.M. 8:14 P.M.
Mars 2:01 A.M. 2:50 P.M.
Jupiter 9:50 P.M.12:01 P.M.
Saturn 6:53 A.M. 5:41 P.M.
Uranus 3:52 P.M. 4:15 A.M.
Neptune 2:14 P.M. 1:21 A.M.
Pluto11:02 A.M. 9:13 P.M.

All times are Mountain Standard Time at sea level.

"Dawn Breaks" and "Darkness Descends" values are based on astronomical twilight (not civil twilight).

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