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Moon Question of the Day

How did the special names that we give some of the Moons, such as the Hunter's Moon, begin? More

Moon Folklore of the Day

If the sun or moon outshines the "brugh" (or halo), bad weather will not come. More

Eclipse Dates

See which eclipses will be visible across North America. See 2014 and 2015 Eclipse Dates.

Winter Solstice

Seasons for 2011When is the start of winter? See solstice dates.

Sky Watch

Each month, we highlight what's happening in the skies—including bright planets, conjunctions, and meteor showers. Read Sky Watch.

Sky Maps (Star Chart)

Sky Map
Get free, printable Sky Maps (Star Charts) to find your way around the night sky.
View Sky Maps for this month.

Meteor Showers

Meteor Shower GuideCatch a star! See meteor showers dates for 2014 —plus viewing tips.

Tide Predictor

Tide Predictor With the Tide Predictions Calculator, find high and low beach tides for any location in the U.S. and Canada for any date.

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