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Birding & Fishing Articles

Click play below to listen to the bird sounds of the Black-capped Chickadee.

Listen to the bird sounds of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Listen to the bird sounds of the House Wren.

Listen to the bird sounds of the Great Blue Heron.

Listen to the bird sounds of the Baltimore Oriole.

Next time you see an ant or a spider, check out what it's doing—it could let you know something about the upcoming weather. Check out our weather proverbs and prognostics about insects and reptiles.

Whether you're wondering when to expect rain, or if a cold winter or dry summer is ahead of you, birds have a way of helping us find out! Here is a collection of some of our favorite bird weather proverbs and prognostics.

Observe animals and you'll see that they, too, have their own ways of predicting weather. Here are some animal weather proverbs and prognostics:

Listen to the bird sounds of the Mourning Dove.

What do you feed the birds? Our handy wild bird food chart lists the type of seeds, nuts, and other foods are liked most by different types of birds.

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