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Birding & Fishing Articles

Learn how to make a bird seed wreath with these simple instructions, and create something very special for the birds in your neighborhood!

For eons, we humans have raided our gardens, pantries and tackle-boxes in quest of fool-proof fish bait.

Read on to hear some true unbelievable bait stories from the Deep South. . .

Here are some tried-and-true fishing tips from an expert fisherman.

Here some great nature links for everything outdoors, from fishing to camping to weather watching. Have fun out there.

Ice-fishing, while enjoyable, can also be dangerous. Here are some ice-fishing safety tips for those lucky enough to fish all year-round!

Here is some information about how fish live and breathe, so to speak.

When a bird's natural plant food has waned or withered away, a few well–placed bird feeders can entice it to stay. Here are some tips.

Creating a bird-friendly environment is simply a matter of providing the creature comforts we all crave: food, protective cover, and a cozy spot for raising a family.

Tides can range in size from small to great, and certain areas of the world are prone to specifically-sized tides.

Some parts of the world, such as Tahiti, a Polynesian island in the South Pacific, have no lunar tides at all. There,...

The following tidal glossary shows the various tidal ranges and describes the qualities of each.

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