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Birding & Fishing

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Get out on the water with Almanac's famous Best Fishing Days, tackle-box checklist, best fishing holes, and more.Get fishing tips!

Click play to listen to the Mourning Dove.

Listen to more bird songs in our new Bird Sounds Library.

Backyard Birds Find bird food recipes, birdfeeder tips, crafts, and plants that attract birds in our backyard birds area!

Tide Predictor

Tide Predictor With the Tide Predictions Calculator, find high and low beach tides for any location in the U.S. and Canada for any date.

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Best Fishing Days

Best Fishing DaysGet the year's best fishing days, when the Moon is between new and full.

Learn about types of tides, what causes tides, and more! See Facts About Tides.

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Fishing Forum

Find like-minded people and friendly discussion. Click on the links below to read recent topics and to post comments.

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