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September 29, 2015

Test your food safety knowledge with this food safety quiz! The full-length version can be found in The 2016 Old Farmer’s Almanac. How Clean is Your Kitchen? Q: How long is clean food safe in the refrigerator? a. 1 to 2 days b. 3 to 4 days c.  5 to 6 days A: b. As long as no bacteria have come into contact with the cooked leftovers, the food is safe for 3 to 4 days.   Q: It is safe to thaw frozen food on the counter: True or false? A: False. Thaw food in the refrigerator, under cold running... more

September 23, 2015

We are taking a look back at some useful hints on everything from household chores to curing the sick—all courtesy of The 1900 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac! Useful Hints from 1900 Iron pillowslips lengthwise instead of crosswise if you wish to iron wrinkles out instead of in. Do not give sick people fried foods or anything highly seasoned. Avoid hot bread and biscuits and strong tea and coffee. Bathe the face and hands of a feverish person with warm water that has a bit of common soda... more

August 28, 2015

Corn, “the vegetable that grows on an ear,” is a staple in most American diets. Read on for info on corn harvests, varieties of corn, a delicious corn recipe, and more from the Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids! A Cornucopia of Corn Facts Keep the Kernels Straight Dent corn, named for the little dent that appears on each side of a kernel when it dries, is grown to feed cows and chickens. Nearly 60 percent of all the corn grown in the U.S. is dent corn. Flint corn kernels have a hard exterior... more

August 25, 2015

As summer winds down, some of us may be feeling that we are missing something. More specifically, someone. A special someone. Today we revisit The Old Farmer’s Almanac Book of Love, published in 1996, to bring you the real scoop on all things romantic. Tips from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Book of Love Love—and Some Rumors—Are in the Air In Alaska, where women are outnumbered by men by about 10 to 1 (and by sled dogs about 20 to 1—or they were in 1996), there is a saying about finding a man: “... more

August 20, 2015

If you’ve ever been to the South, you know that when ordering tea there, it’s not really necessary to specify iced. Or sweet. And it can’t possibly be too sweet! Read on for some tea tidbits from the 1996 Old Farmer’s Almanac. Iced Tea: The Table Wine of the South Super Sweet Few tea traditionalists complain of tea that’s too sweet. They put the sugar in while the tea is hot for sweet saturation throughout and because less sugar is required if it is made that way. When sugar is added,... more

August 17, 2015

The September edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly digital magazine is here! This issue discusses weather and weather forecasts, how to fall asleep fast, what to do with all that zucchini, and more fresh and useful topics. September Monthly Preview Here is a sneak peek at a few of the articles from the September Monthly: 5 New Ways to Use Zucchini The September Monthly says that you should never say “No” to zucchini! After all, there are more ways to eat it than just in bread (not that... more

August 10, 2015

Making s’mores around a campfire is the quintessential end to a summer’s day. Even if you don’t have a fire pit handy, there’s no better day than today to experiment with the plethora of different spins on the classic graham-mallow-chocolate combo. Read on for tips and tricks on celebrating this delicious holiday! August 10th is National S’mores Day! First, let’s talk about the original s’more, and how to ensure you are making it as delicious as possible. S’mores enthusiasts live and die by the... more

August 6, 2015

If you feel like someone is lying to you, chances are that you’re right. A study by the University of Connecticut found that the average person lies 26 times a day. The following tips for detecting lies will help you in both your business and personal lives. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Sources whose jobs require them to determine what is the truth and what isn’t have outlined the following signs of lying: Sworn Oaths: Pierre Corneille, 17th- century French playwright, said, “A liar is always... more

July 31, 2015

Today, we look back to The 2003 Old Farmer’s Almanac for some unconventional methods to cure common problems…like eating! Foods found commonly in the fridge and pantry work as remedies for some of life’s little maladies. Flashback Friday: Burned, Bitten, or Bruised? Open the Fridge, Not the Medicine Cabinet   A Spud for Splinters Some say a carpenter should always have a potato in his tool belt. Here’s why:  Potatoes can help pull out splinters that are embedded too deep in your skin to... more

July 21, 2015

Henry David Thoreau said, “That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” While saving by not splurging on extravagances is a good method, so is saving by doing little daily tasks differently. Everyone likes having a little spare money at the end of the day, so read up on household savings tips from The 2010 Old Farmer’s Almanac below. How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket Have a spa day at home. Here are two facials that smooth wrinkles: Whip the white of an egg until it’s... more


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