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December 22, 2014

Looking for fun every single day of the year?! The Old Farmer’s Almanac has created a calendar that will provide you with plenty of facts, folklore, proverbs, and puzzles that might just stump you! Here are a few from every month! Be sure to check out the 2015 Everyday Calendar for more! January Weather WoesMatch each term with the specific weather fear. 1. Chionophobia                    a. Fear of rain 2. Homichlophobia                 b. Fear of cold 3. Pluviophobia... more

December 17, 2014

Get out your pencils and sharpen your wit—this is the test you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to prove to your spouse that you know more than she (no, he) does … 1. Married men earn an average of how much more (or less) money than unmarried men? a. 31% less b. 31% more c. 10% more d. Roughly the same 2. According to The Folklore of Weddings and Marriage, a mother-in-law can test her new daughter-in-law’s housewife-y skills by doing which of the following? a. Examining a sample... more

December 15, 2014

Have you tried the Almanac Monthly digital magazine (for your tablet or computer)? It comes out 12 times a year (about 60 pages per issue!) and each monthly issue is packed with Almanac wit, wisdom, and weather! Take a look at what’s inside The Old Farmer’s Almanac January Monthly! This Month’s Moon This month’s full Moon, the Full Wolf Moon, occurs on January 4 at 11:53 P.M. EST. January 4 is the time of perihelion, when Earth is closest to the Sun for the year: “only” 91,402,423 miles away!... more

December 10, 2014

By definition, a kiss takes two, so you’ll want to find a friend before you read on … German dictionaries list more than 30 types of of kisses, including a word, nachkussen, for “the making up for kisses that have been omitted.” Here are a few variations from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Book of Love that you’ll want to explore. 1. The Butterfly Flutter Place your eye within a breath of your partner’s cheek. Open and close your eyelids against her skin. If this is done correctly, the flutter... more

December 8, 2014

No matter how deep the snow, gardeners can stage spring with parlor pots of sweet-scented paper-whites, old-fashioned hyacinths, and dramatic amaryllis. Start now and don’t stop until every windowsill and side table is abloom with potted beauties. It’s a sure cure for the wintertime blues. What is “Forcing Bulbs”? “Forcing” is speeding up the growth of a plant or bulb to make it bloom on your own schedule. Forced bulbs can add color and perfume to your home office from fall to spring.... more

December 3, 2014

Orchids have no equal: They are breathtakingly beautiful, delicate, long-blooming, long-lived, fascinating in fragrance and form, and extremely varied. Few pleasures in gardening surpass the thrill of seeing orchids thrive and bloom. Once rare and expensive, orchids now outsell every other houseplant, surpassing even African violets, chrysanthemums, and poinsettias. Orchids cleverly produce flowers resembling the pollinator that they want to attract. Ophrys apifera has the appearance of a... more

December 1, 2014

For years, many people have heard stories and watched movies about St. Nicholas, or Santa Claus as he is known best. Yet his true identity remains a mystery. In The Old Farmer’s Almanac December Monthly we take a look at the legends surrounding St. Nicholas. The Legend of St. Nicholas In the 3rd century, in the village of Patara in Turkey (part of Greece in those days), a wealthy couple gave birth to a boy they named Nicholas. Tragically, while Nicholas was young, an epidemic took the lives of... more

November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving is a day spent full of cheer alongside family, friends, and typically an abundance of food! You slave over the stove for hours spending time making these meals, so why let the food go to waste once the holiday is over? Here are a few recipe ideas from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Comfort Food cookbook that will help you to utilize that leftover turkey and make a delicious meal! Comfort Food: Recipes for Your Turkey Leftovers Turkey Sloppy Joes Nobody will ever ask “Where’s... more

November 24, 2014

The Comfort Food cookbook is full of recipes that would make for delicious additions to your Thanksgiving meal, especially the dessert portion of the evening. We took some of the classic comfort food desserts you love and gave them a little twist! Here are a couple sample recipes—perfect for the holidays! Caramel Apple Crumb Pie “In bygone days, apple pie this good was grounds for a marriage proposal”. Who doesn’t love the mixture of cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla and of course, apples?! These... more

November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving is just over a week away! Whether making traditional side dishes, or trying something a bit different, these cooking tips are sure to help make this cooking holiday go as smoothly as possible. Recipes included below! Comfort Food cookbook: Thanksgiving Day Tips Planning on making mashed potatoes? Try adding some roasted garlic! If you don’t have time to roast garlic heads (which takes almost an hour), mince a couple of cloves and cook them very gently in butter for 1 minute.... more


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