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Mosquito Repellent (Hopefully)

July 7, 2011

Credit: Nick Whitmoyer

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My son’s sandbox is near the patio. Our patio is also where the grill lives. Thus, during the summer, we spend a lot of time on the . . . patio! Right!

So, what better spot to put the mosquito plant (Pelargonium crsipum) I purchased at the local nursery?

When I asked where to find the mosquito plants, the woman politely corrected me and showed me to the citronella plants. I chose one that already had a petite pink flower in bloom.

At home, my son “helped” me put the plant in a container with some potting soil and homemade compost. We watered it and gave it a home on the ever-so-popular patio. Here’s hoping we have fewer bugs to swat and more fun in the sun!

What natural remedies do you use to keep the bugs at bay?


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Dryer Sheets?

By Amy Nieskens

Has anyone ever heard of putting dryer sheets in your pockets to keep mosquitoes away? I have a friend who swears by it! Couldn't hurt!

Keeping mosquitoes away!

By Kimberly Chaires

Thank you Amy! I will try this, we live in FL!


By donsoucy

use 3 parts water with 1 part listerine in a small spray bottle. Spray on any plant and it will keep them GONE!

flowers to repell bugs

By tk4dice

My Grandmother always planted Geraniums and Marigolds around the door - I have continued the tradition - NO flies in my house!! It works!!

garlic powder

By Catherine Boeckmann

I spread garlic powder everywhere! I'd love to get one of those citronella plants--I've read about them--thanks for photo!

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