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Antsy for Spring Gardening

March 24, 2014

Credit: Celeste Longacre
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In my last gardening post, I had decided to bring in a stem of forsythia and another of magnolia to force a little spring my way.

Well, we now have an answer concerning forcing the magnolia. It did bloom and in quite a beautiful way. First, it sent out a lovely bud.

Then, it opened to a sweet flower.

However, the flower lasted only a few days.

The forsythia was a bust. Even though I have forced them before, this time it didn’t blossom. In years past, the flowers bloomed and lasted quite a while.

Winter Greens and Onions

The mache that I planted in October continues to get added to our salads.

Each plant started out as two little bunny ears, then four, then eight. I just kept thinning them and will continue to do so until there are only two plants left in the box.

Right now, each plant is getting quite large.

The onions that were planted in January and February are getting quite big.

They need to be trimmed to about four inches as we want them to develop good roots right now.

Even though winter doesn’t seem to want to go, it will be time soon to get some seeds in the ground.

Lettuce can take a frost or two so this crop can be planted as soon as you can work the ground. The same can be said for Swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, peas, radishes, mustard greens, kale, and spinach. Get out the tools because, in many places, gardening season is upon us!


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Celeste Longacre has been growing virtually all of her family's vegetables for the entire year for over 30 years. She cans, she freezes, she dries, she ferments & she root cellars. She also has chickens.

Celeste has also enjoyed a longtime relationship with The Old Farmer's Almanac as their astrologer.

Her new book about living lightly on the Earth is now available! Purchase "Celeste's Garden Delights."


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