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Black beans in brownies? So simple, but so delicious!

Sarah Perreault

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Black Bean Brownie

Black beans? In brownies? You’ve got to be kidding.

Our editor told us about a friend who claimed that you can take a box of brownie mix, add nothing but a can of black beans and—voilà!—delicious, fudgy brownies. So I tried it.

It wasn’t exactly that simple, but pretty close. The beans (a 15-oz. can) have to be drained and rinsed. Then you put them back in the can and add enough water to fill it back up. Pour the contents into a blender and process until smooth. Mix the puréed beans into the dry brownie mix (a 19.5-oz. box) and pour into a greased baking dish. (I added walnuts to my batter.) Bake according to package directions.

The resulting brownies were quite tasty. No one could believe (or detect) that they were made with black beans. I will definitely make these again.



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These are ridiculously

These are ridiculously delicious, and I can feel good about eating them! Thank you!!

(I made mine with Trader Joe's Guilt Free Mix)