Cooking Strawberry Muffins Recipe: Live on TV

Strawberry Crunch Muffins


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When you watch those cooking shows, ever wonder what happens when something goes amiss? There I was in Connecticut, live on television, mixing up a batch of Strawberry Crunch Muffins recipe from our Garden-Fresh Cookbook, and I knew something was wrong.

But I had to keep it going. Why is the batter so thick?

I’ll fill the muffin cups two-thirds full and add the topping,” I said and demonstrated to the host, all the while going over in my head what went wrong.

They’ll bake for about 20 minutes.”


Phew! I had to figure out what the heck….oh! I added ¼ cup of milk instead of ½ cup! That’s it! They might be a little dry, but at least it’s not a total loss.


Afterward: The cast and crew gobbled up the muffins, still warm from the oven. They got rave reviews.

Thank goodness.

Here’s the video from Connecticut Style—with both growing and cooking tips. If you’d like to get right to cooking (with the ½ cup of milk!), see the recipe for Strawberry Crunch Muffins.

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