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Plants, Pots, and Plots: The Gardner’s Best Friends

May 17, 2011

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The worst spring season the Northwest has seen in years isn’t showing in the growth of the seeds I planted earlier this season.

Slowly but surely, my Herbs in a Bag have grown to earn their own pots. My edible flowers are taking advantage of the sunlight and will soon be added to delicious summer salads. The potatoes have been able to grow and endure the cold nights and continuous rain; I can’t wait to harvest them!

My vegetable garden is still fighting not only the lack of sunlight, but, alas—weeds! I found great tips on how to naturally prevent weeds from invading my young vegetable garden on The Old Farmer’s Almanac Web site. One tip I found personally helpful was that you can use materials such as wheat straw, shredded leaves, or other organic matter to create a healthy mulch, layering it about 2 inches thick atop the ground.

As for the Herbs in a Bag, The Garden-Fresh Cookbook was not kidding: This really is the easiest garden ever! It needed very little attention and has been thriving even through the harsh weather. My herbs are now in their own pots and continue to grow tall, ready in just a few weeks for use in delicious summer meals. As for my edible flowers, they are growing well but could use more room in their pots. I can’t wait to add them to the light and healthy Apple Beet Salad to show off to my dinner party guests!

How’s your garden growing?


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Jane received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts at Western Washington University where she studied Creative Writing. She now lives in the greater Seattle area, where she writes and drinks copious amounts of coffee. When she isn't writing, cooking, gardening, or taking photos, you can find her at local shows and concerts, or running to prepare for yet another half marathon.

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Apple Beet Salad? Really?!?

By organicguy46240

Apple Beet Salad? Really?!? Who would ruin good apples with beets?

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