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Blog: Garden Prep, Planting Lettuce, and Picking Rhubarb (yea!)

May 3, 2010

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This past weekend, I hauled compost from the recycling center across the road. (I make my own but not enough for this space. It's best for pots.) I got four banana boxes from the supermarket and made, I think‚ 10 trips. Round trip was less than a mile and it was backbreaking work at 90+ degrees, but it enabled me to get some greens seeds in. One favorite is Cracoviensis, aka asparagus lettuce in some circles. The leaves grow in a swirl around a relatively thick stalk, which, to me, is the best part. As it reaches more than two feet, pluck the leaves for salad. Then, when the plant seems spent (it has 47-day maturity), cut it down, peel the stalk, and cook it (steam is quick and easy). It's wonderfully milder than its namesake.

On a sour note, my three-week-old rhubarb failed to thrive... so I returned it and got a new plant. Fortunately, my garden neighbor has a very happy plant (it's practically a bush already!) and she generously invited me to take a couple of stalks. That means apple rhubarb crunch tonight and rhubarb and strawberries later in the week, who knows how now—so many of these rhubarb recipes sound soooo good!

What is your favorite way to have rhubarb? How's your garden progressing?

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In Texas, we are into our

By Fran Ellsworth

In Texas, we are into our second month of progressive planting, and growing. I have a question as to how to keep the caterpillars off my lettuce and Kohlrabi...They decimated my butter crunch lettuce. This is my blog of the beginnings. http://joyoustomorrows.blogspot.com/2010/05/celebrating-heros-birthday.html

Strawberry-Rhubarb pie--my

By Ann Hicks

Strawberry-Rhubarb pie--my favorite!

I totally agree but I made

By careosell

I totally agree but I made some strawberry rhubarb cobbler recently that came close and was quicker and easier to make.

Here in the Rocky Mountains

By Nola Alt

Here in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, we are still having 30 degree nights. I have three rhubarb plants, one next to my house on the south facing side and two out in the yard. The one next to the house has already put up bloom stalks while the other two only have about 4 inch stalks (just starting and not big enough to harvest). Had rhubarb cake using the recipe here on OFA site. Was delicious but note that the baking time is actually three times longer than the recipe says.

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