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Blog: Saving Money

June 11, 2009

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Since moving to New Hampshire a few years ago, I have been amazed by so-called Yankee frugality—and money-saving acumen.

The word frugal can have a negative connotation in today's world but it really means "economic in the use of resources," according to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. It's quite common for my neighbors to sun-dry clothes, give gifts wrapped in the funnies, and wear clothes with patches.

Of course, you don't need to live in my neck of the woods to live simply and economically. It's a state of mind—and one that many Old Farmer's Almanac readers seem to share. I'm always delighted by many of our readers' suggestions on how to better clean, garden, and live. It's full-circle learning.

I thought that you all might be interested in this quote from the American Antiquarian Society:

"If the almanac had a comprehensive subject, it was: How to get through life. The otherwise dissociated miscellany . . . (is) rather like that forming the contents of a person's mind as he gets through life each day."

So, how do you pinch pennies—ah-hem, oh, ur—I  mean, live simply and wisely?  What's your best easy, unusual, or wacky money-saving tip? Please share!

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Catherine, our New Media Editor, joined The Old Farmer's Almanac in 2008. She edits content on both this Web site, Almanac.com, and the companion site to The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids publication, Almanac4kids.com. She also pens the Almanac Companion enewsletters and keeps up with readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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I share with friends and

By Yvonne DeProspero

I share with friends and nieghbors. And it comes back ten fold :)
I don't have much but I like to give from my heart and I know when I get something in return it's from the heart, no money spent here.

Thanks for sharing tips.

By qualitycoupons

Thanks for sharing tips.

If trying a new product and

By Suesspaniels

If trying a new product and it's buy one get one free, usually my sister wants to try it to, so we go in half, and we both get one:)

I buy the product only if it

By Data Recovery

I buy the product only if it is my basic need, otherwise I ignore the purchasing of any product if i want it.

Every each saving of a day combines in a huge or bulk of saving at the end of the month.


I make my own laundry soap.

By tanyap

I make my own laundry soap. Also, I use white vinegar in a Downy Ball in the washer....elimintating the need for dryer sheets. I bake my own artisan bread too, which is much cheaper and better for my family than store bought breads. I found a recipe that is easy; takes 5 mins. to mix and stores in the fridge up to 2 weeks. Whenever I need a loaf, I just pop one out of the fridge and bake it.

Hi - I am hoping to start

By dirtcheap

Hi - I am hoping to start making bread, and an easy, artisan bread sounds perfect. Of course I don't know what easy means to you!

Is the recipe available to share?


Hi Ann. The original recipe

By wdj

Hi Ann. The original recipe is in the Dec2009/Jan2010 issue of Mother Earth News. Issue no.237. (Recipes for healthy no-knead bread). If you can't find it re-post. I did change the recipe a little to make a lighter, flat bread. Good luck

Empty 1 or 2 litre plastic

By okusers

Empty 1 or 2 litre plastic soft drink bottles can be reused for building bird feeders. Cut the top and bottom out to make the cylinder to hold the seed. Scrap wood and one of these makes a nice feeder and you can see when it is empty.

Daily or weekly I take the

By suzanne randall

Daily or weekly I take the extra change from my purse and collect it in a cloth bag. At the end of the year I have a bag of money I take to the bank or a change exchange and add it to my Christmas money.

Use Sunlight soap bars. They

By Yvonne Wall

Use Sunlight soap bars. They sell two to a package - last forever. Great for dishes, surfaces, carpet stains, and fine lingerie.

I always decide if a purchase

By walt hoffman

I always decide if a purchase is want or a need,if it's a need ibuy it.But if it is just a want I put it back!

When you write a check round

By okusers

When you write a check round up your check book to the next whole dollar. You will have saving sense and be saving cents and your accout will grow. I recommend this especially to all the young couples we know.

I use it up, wear it out,

By Lisa Denny

I use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

I leave the credit cards at

By sparkydad2000

I leave the credit cards at home. If you can't pay cash, you probably don't need it. If you do have to use the card, pay it off every month to avoid the dreaded finance charge.

Don't carry a lot of money

By James Fletchall

Don't carry a lot of money around with you. It only burns a hole in your pocket.

Remember to turn off the TV!

By Paula Conn 2

Remember to turn off the TV! The standard CRT televisions and computer monitors use much more electricity than most other appliances (sans refrigerator). If you like the background noise, start using the radio instead! Put outdoor lights on timers.

I grow a garden, starting

By Georgia Trathen

I grow a garden, starting most of my own plants (tomatoes & peppers), hang clothes to dry, try to limit trips downtown.

I pinch pennies by being

By charmayne

I pinch pennies by being content with what i have , counting my blessings everyday, trying not to take no more than i need from life, but get way more than i deserve.

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