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Blog: Share Your Vegetable Photos!

October 13, 2010

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Late in the harvest, we often find some extra-large veggies. This morning, I finally pulled up a monster carrot that I'd been eyeing in my garden. (See pic below.)

Do you have any great vegetable photos to share? Large or little? Show us the good and the bad! Load your photos here—select "Vegetables."

Just for fun, I'll pick a "winning" photo on November 30 and send the winner The 2011 Old Farmer's Almanac and an All-Seasons Garden Guide on November 30, 2010.  

UPDATE: The winner for 2010 is . . . "Ruby and Opal" by Carl Wayne Hardeman. Congrats, Carl! There were so many great—and humorous—entries. It was Carl's caption that clinched it for me. Check out his photo page here

You can see all the pics in the veggie photo gallery.

Now . . . a short musing on carrots . . .

Last year was my first time growing carrots. All were stunted and grew "legs" because the rich soil was too heavy for them to push down. This year, I mixed in sand from my beachfront. The loosened soil seemed to work as most of the smaller carrots looked nice and long. The big carrots are still rather top-heavy, but it's an improvement from last year!

My editor asked me which fertilizer was used. Actually, I just used a GREAT organic compost up front to give the carrots the nutrients they needed. There's nothing more important than soil preparation. The Almanac Carrot page says to avoid compost with manure, which causes carrots to fork and form extra "legs."

How will I use my carrots? No question about it. I regularly make this wonderful Carrot Puff recipe. If you (or your kids) aren't crazy about cooked carrots, this is a sweet and light dish that everyone seems to love.

So, how did your garden grow? Any interesting, strange vegetables emerge? I have to share this humorous potato photo from a colleague. He captioned it, "Potato Harvest. No, that isn't the largest wine cork in the world. It's the smallest potatoes I've ever seen." If this doesn't make you laugh!

We can't wait to see your photos. And, if you have any comments, please post below—or, you may be interested in joining the Almanac gardening discussion forum to meet fellow gardeners, ask questions, and share tips in a friendly place.

Happy harvest!

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Wow.. those carrots are HUGE!

By Carolyn Mayle

Wow.. those carrots are HUGE! I don't havea garden but i have tried that carrot puff recipe and its amazing! Can't wait to try it again.

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