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2013 Old Farmer's Almanac: Homemade First Aid

July 22, 2013

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In the course of a year, you could spend hundreds of dollars on products and services to relieve a variety of common seasonal ailments. Instead, why not use these inexpensive and authentic fixes that are probably already in your cupboards? The 2013 Old Farmer’s Almanac gives a few tips for our current season.......summer!


Too much pool time causing swimmer’s ear?

Carefully place a few drops of white vinegar inside the aching ear. Vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Warm weather causing embarrassing body odor?

Dust areas of excessive sweating with cornstarch and start drinking sage tea, hot or iced, daily. Cornstarch absorbs moisture, and sage has natural antiperspirant properties.

Stung by a bee or wasp?

Remove the stinger, then generously cover the area with toothpaste. Its alkalinity helps to neutralize the acidic venom.

Humid air causing heat rash (aka prickly heat)?

Rub a slice of raw potato over the affected area. The potato’s juices reduce irritation and skin inflammation.

Burn yourself while manning the grill?

Soften cabbage leaves in a bowl of hot water, then tear into small pieces. Place the leaves on the burn, cover with gauze, and apply pressure. Cabbage is loaded with glutamine and provides protection against infection.

Skin sizzling from overexposure to the sun?

Lather your skin with plain whole milk yogurt. Once dry, rinse with cool water and repeat. Yogurt contains enzymes, acids, and minerals that help to soothe sunburn.

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