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8 Top Water-Saving Tips from The 2013 All-Seasons Garden Guide

May 6, 2013

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Gardeners all across the continent are facing periodic drought, high water bills, seasonal water restrictions, and a global concern about potable water. What’s an environmentally conscious gardener to do?

The 2013 Old Farmer’s Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide has some answers. In an article called “Be Water-Wise,” author Cynthia Van Hazinga outlines advice on how to save water by making sure that your garden is as water-efficient as possible. The benefits can also extend to your family’s financial bottom line: a water-efficient landscape can cut water use by 20 to 50 percent per year—saving up to 10,000 gallons—and shave $30 to $70 off the average annual household water bill.

The easiest way to start saving water in the garden is by following these 8 Top Water-Saving Tips from The Old Farmer’s Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide!

8 Top Water-Saving Tips

1.     Improve soil’s water-holding capacity with compost.

2.     Install efficient drip irrigation systems.

3.     Choose plants that tolerate drought.

4.     Group plants with similar water needs; set those with high need in shallow depressions.

5.     Water gardens deeply but infrequently; shallow watering encourages shallow roots.

6.     Reuse water from roof and driveway runoff and use waste water.

7.     Mulch to conserve moisture.

8.     Reduce lawns; plant ornamental grasses or ground covers instead. 

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Ginger Vaughan has worked for The Old Farmer's Almanac for over a decade and, every spring, thinks about starting a garden. When she isn't enjoying the outdoors (and pondering just where to plant that garden), she can often be found in the kitchen testing out new recipes. She lives in a Pacific Northwest forest on the Puget Sound with Thor and Olive, two English bulldogs who would like to taste test her cooking creations far more often than they are allowed. 


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