Artsy Activities for a Garden Party


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It is summer! That means it is the perfect time to be outdoors - when it is a warm, sunny day of course. Set tables and chairs near the flowers, beside the vegetable patch, or on the lawn; gather friends; and have a garden party! The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids Volume 5 has a few  activities for you to do while you celebrate.


Paint Rocks

You will need:

  • a variety of stones

  • acrylic paints

  • brushes

  • water

  • clear varnish spray (optional)

Clean the stones and paint. If desired, spray with varnish when the paint is dry. Use as paperweights, doorstops, stepping-stones, or garden art.

Decorate Birdhouses

You will need:

  • birdhouses (from a craft shop)

  • acrylic paints

  • brushes

  • water

  • buttons, beads, ribbon (optional)

  • white glue (optional)

  • wire

Spread newspaper on the work surface. Paint the house. When the paint is dry, glue on accessories, if desired. Attach a wire and hang from a tree or post.

Make Bird Feed Wreaths

You will need:

  • grapevine wreaths

  • florist’s wire

  • dried whole small sunflowers, other dried flowers and grasses, small pinecones, popcorn cobs

  • ribbon

Using florist’s wire, attach the bird food items to the wreath (largest items first). Add ribbon as decoration. Attach a wire loop to the back of the wreath and hang from a tree or post.

Become a Bug (Make a hat or headdress inspired by a real or imaginary insect)

You will need:

  • visors

  • pipe cleaners

  • pompom balls

  • construction paper

  • fabric scraps

  • feathers

  • beads

  • ribbon

  • scissors

  • markers

  • white glue

  • stapler

Using the items (and anything else you can think of), create wacky headgear. Make up a name for your species. Vote on the Most Scary, Most Creative, and Closest to Nature.

~ By  Samantha Jones

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