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Five Fascinating Facts: The Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly October Edition

September 16, 2013

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October is almost upon us! That means it’s almost time for Halloween and everything pumpkin! The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly October edition scares up some ancient Halloween traditions, whips up some pumpkin treats, spooks us with a chilling tale of frozen death, and introduces us to the queen of the comet hunters as well as famous baseball player Jackie Robinson. The Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly (for the iPad) 1 year subscription is available for purchase on iTunes (click here) and in our Almanac.com store (click here)! Here is a little taste of the October edition!

Five Fascinating Facts: The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly October Edition

1. The Custom of Costuming: Superstitious country folk would disguise themselves with animal skins and masks made from sailcloth or linen. In costume, they would go outdoors and make lots of noise, in an effort to fool troublesome spirits into thinking that they were one of them or to scare them away.

2. This month’s full Moon occurs on October 18 and is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon. This is the traditional time of year for hunting and slaughtering in preparation for the coming winter.

3. Maria Mitchell, a 29-year-old woman, became the first woman in America to discover a new comet on October 1, 1847. She was the first woman, and only woman, to win the King of Denmark’s medal for discovering the comet.

4. If you have pumpkins that you’re not cooking right away, keep them cool but not quite as cool as root crops. A good place would be in a coolish bedroom, under the bed. Pumpkins like a temperature of about 50 degrees to 65 degrees F.

5. When Jackie Robinson hit a home run during a game against the Jersey City Giants, a photographer snapped a picture of teammate George Shuba shaking Jackie’s hand - the first photo of a black player being congratulated by a white player.

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