Getting Married in June?

married in june


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Ideas on how to honor the summer solstice with a Sun themed wedding if you’re having it in June!

Getting Married in June?

Marry when June roses grow,
Over land and sea you’ll go.”
                 -traditional verse

Choose Your Theme:

For a wedding in the sixth month of the year, you might consider a Sun theme to honor the summer solstice. For informal weddings, bridesmaids could wear sundresses and sun hats.

Arrange yellow blossoms in vases and hang Sun mobiles, sun catchers, and other fun-in-the-sun decorations. Include glass, crystal, and prisms that will catch the light.

Serve yellow foods such as Lemonade, Chicken Piccata and Corn Bread with sliced pineapple, yellow squash, and rice with yellow peppers.

Offer cupcakes decorated to look like sunflowers. You might also place sundials in various locations to add to the festive a¬¬tmosphere.

Explore the Love:

Wedding folklore can add a bit of whimsy and tradition to an invitation, a place card, even a thank-you note. Here are a few to use or adapt:

Orange blossoms worn at a wedding will bring 
good luck. 

To ensure good fortune, it is traditional in some countries to throw money over the heads of the bride and groom as they exit the church. 

In the 1500s, it was customary to throw shoes at the newlyweds’ carriage as they departed in it;
to strike the vehicle was good luck. In later years, shoes were tied to the back of the carriage instead. 

For more folklore or to share your traditions check out our June Monthly! We are positive your wedding will be beautiful, so show how spectacular your day was!

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~ By  Almanac Staff

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