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Good Ideas for Indoor Houseplants

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Gardening doesn’t have to be confined to the yard! Potted plants brighten up many a home with tidy and contained splashes of indoor color and greenery! The 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide has a few tips for taking care of your potted plants.

Good Ideas for Indoor Houseplants

Heat and Light
• Windowsill plants that get leggy may be getting too much heat, not too little sun. For even growth, set up a table by your sunniest window and turn the pots regularly.
• Most flowering plants need to be within 3 feet of a sunny window and require 9 to 12 hours of light per day.
• Do not put flowering houseplants near drafts or heat from registers. They are very sensitive to changes in air temperature.

• Feed flowering houseplants a high-phosphorous mix and foliage plants a high-nitrogen blend. Do not fertilize any houseplants during the winter months.
• When potting plants, add crushed eggshells to the soil to improve drainage and to supply lime and other nutrients.

• Give plants room-temperature water. Cold water can injure the roots and leaves.
• Save water from cooking pasta or vegetables, cool it, and use it to water houseplants.
• Do not overwater. More houseplants die from overwatering than from anything else.

Encourage Growth
• For healthier plants, pick off dead leaves and faded flowers.
• To encourage bushiness, pinch off up to 1 inch of new stem and leaf growth.

For more advice on caring for plants of all kinds, potted or otherwise, check out The 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide.

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