How To Whistle Loud Enough To Hail A Cab

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The Old Farmer’s Almanac can tell you how to do (almost) everything. For example, what other publication provides information on how to whistle loud enough to hail a cab?

How To Whistle Loud Enough To Hail A Cab

• Open your mouth slightly. Keep your bottom lip taut as you pull it over the top edge of your lower teeth.

• Keep your tongue flat and lightly press it against the inside edge of your lower lip. Lift the sides of your tongue up a bit so that it forms a slight “V.” Pull your tongue back from your lower teeth a bit so that there is a small hole between the tip of your tongue and inside edge of your lower lip. You will need to lift your tongue from the floor of your mouth about ⅛ to 1/16 of an inch. In this position, your tongue creates the “bottle,” or cavity, that you will be blowing across.

• Close your mouth slightly, keeping your lower lip tensed. Keep your upper lip out of the way.

• Gently blow and direct air over the hole. Increase the tension of both lips and, if necessary, adjust the V shape of your tongue. Avoid blowing too hard at first and listen for the slightest beginnings of a whistle. Once you hear that, continue to practice and adjust.

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