Ruminations on Garlic



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According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide, unless you can find some good garlic at farmers’ markets in the fall or mooch some from a home gardener, the only good garlic alternative is to start growing your own.

Ruminations on Garlic

Here are a few helpful tips for growing your own garlic:

1. Do not peel the cloves prior to planting.
2. Plant the cloves pointed end up, 2 to 3 inches deep, and 6 inches apart.
3. Plant in rows 6 inches apart.
4. Cut off the scapes when they’ve snaked into their second coil.
5. When harvesting, use a steel-tooth dog comb to remove mud while keeping the roots intact.
6. Hang the entire garlic plant in a dry, shady area for several weeks.

Organic foliar fertilizing works well with garlic. Two or three times in the growing season, spray the garlic leaves with a mixture of fish oil and seaweed concentrate mixed with water as directed on the container of the many brands now available.

When you harvest garlic, it frequently comes up with a huge root ball of wet soil. A steel-tooth dog comb will remove most of the mud and keep the roots intact for the curing process.

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Garlic didn't form

I live in southern Florida and planted my garlic some months ago in a raised type garden with a mixture of good soil. The garlic has long stems with flowers on it. I dug around one for curiosity and there is no garlic bulb at all.
What went wrong? I appreciate any help

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