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Corn-filled Therapy Packs: A Natural Rx for Aches

March 5, 2012

Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pads

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I heard on the news recently that a medical study revealed that men have a higher tolerance for pain than women do. (This could be a macho thing, or maybe we men are just too numb to know what we’re feeling.)

Regardless of the validity of this study, it’s safe to say that neither gender enjoys being in pain. With an aging population, is it any wonder that sales of over-the-counter pain relievers are booming? Fortunately, I have discovered a better, natural way to soothe those everyday aches and pains: Maine Warmers.

Designed in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and shapes—including several adorable animals— each Maine Warmers therapy pack is filled with whole corn. Unlike other grains (such as rice) that are commonly used in microwavable therapy packs, whole corn does a better job. Here’s why . . .

First, it produces a slightly moist heat that penetrates more deeply into muscles, joints, and soft tissue for better pain relief. Dry heat can leave skin dehydrated because it draws moisture out of the body. Medical professionals recommend moist heat therapy as one of the most effective alternatives to pain medication. In addition, this type of corn kernel holds heat longer than other grains, and it reheats well over the life of the pack. Rice dries out after repeated use, and then the pack doesn’t heat up completely.

Another advantage that corn has over rice is that the rice can start to give off a bad odor after it has been reheated multiple times. But corn produces a nice subtle aroma of popcorn even after years of repeated use. (Don’t worry: These special kernels will not explode into popcorn inside the fabric when the pack is heated up in the microwave.)

Maine Warmers therapy packs can also be placed in the freezer when gentle icing is needed. Doctors often recommend icing to help reduce inflammation from injuries, surgeries, sprains, and strains. These packs do not get as cold as ice because the water content of the whole corn is significantly reduced, making the relief more comfortable.

After any strenuous activity (shoveling snow, chopping firewood, gardening . . .), I know that I can always rely on my Maine Warmers Black Bear to melt away the inevitable aches and pains. The only issue I have with this slightly habit-forming product is that one per household is not enough. Once someone gets their hands (or feet or back) on one of these marvelous therapy packs, they don’t give it up easily!

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Jim Therriault
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Just a stone’s throw down the road from The Old Farmer’s Almanac headquarters, Jim and his wife Susan operate a sprawling retail store that specializes in useful and unusual products with interesting stories behind them.

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