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A “Way Out” Solution to Black Flies and More…

May 7, 2013

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Finally! It’s spring (sort of) in our neck of the woods. And let’s face it, after what seemed like an endless winter, we all want to spend as much time outside as we can. Unfortunately, sharing the great outdoors with a bumper crop of blood-thirsty black flies and mosquitoes is the price we must pay for warmer weather.

You can’t bite back, but you can fend off those pesky insects with safe, non-toxic, DEET-free repellents from a super-eco-friendly Vermont company, Way Out Wax. Their highly effective line of all-natural “Bug Out” products allows you to enjoy the environment without harming it.

Since 1992, Way Out Wax has been making soy-wax candles with pure essential oils and cotton wicks, minimally packaged in reusable/recyclable containers. Unlike unrefined paraffin, which is a dirty petroleum-based product, wax made from renewable soybeans burns cleanly – Way Out Wax candles emit virtually no black soot. And because nearly all the wax is consumed by the flame, these candles have very long burn times, which make them a really good value, too!

Formulated with pure, plant-based active ingredients (lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, thyme, cedarwood, geranium, and wintergreen to name a few), Bug Out’s fragrances are pleasing to humans – and noxious to insects. The water-based Bug Out Spray in a recyclable plastic pump bottle is totally chemical-free yet creates a powerful bug barrier on your clothing and exposed skin. Definitely an outdoor essential to prevent being eaten alive!

So whether you’re relaxing on the patio or camping in the deep woods, you can take in all the beauty of nature that surrounds you and not be bothered by swarms of biting bugs.

Buy Bug Out! products here.

Jim Therriault
Founder and Proprietor, New England Everyday Goods & Farm Market, Jaffrey, NH.

Just a stone’s throw down the road from The Old Farmer’s Almanac headquarters, Jim and his wife Susan operate a sprawling retail store that specializes in useful and unusual products with interesting stories behind them.

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Made in the USA

By D Whitlock

Sometimes, it is not easy to find American made products. I am hoping this blog will help. I think more Americans are realizing we need to "buy American" to get jobs back to this country or keep the ones we still have.

Yes.I also agree that made

By Michael Dodig

Yes.I also agree that made and paid in America(USA) would bring patriotic pride out of our citizens(12.5 years holding hopeful heads high speaks volumes about American pride and love for our nation)and the demand for Made In The USA products of quality would require a supply response.The businesses would need workers and any sane person can see the results would turn the US economy into a safer more stable state.Everyone knows that any successful relationship has stability and security at its core.I understand that international trade is very important but a country strong in its own internal economy is less prone to fall victim to "bullying" by a country that preys upon weaker economic nations.Respect from our "trade allies" would spawn lower import and export prices and create even greater results for a positive,productive,and stable economy "stimulated"with pride that was "Made In America"

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