New Year’s Day Weather Folklore

New Year's Day 2016


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A new year is always ripe with possibilities. Will it be stormy and difficult or sunny and full of hope? 

Ask the scientists who helped create this year’s Old Farmer’s Almanac forecast—it’s hard to predict weather a year ahead of time.

But, ever hopeful, people used to turn to folklore to predict the weather.

New Year’s Weather Folklore

In particular, they looked to the wind. If you want try this, step outside as the sun sets on New Year’s Eve. Feel the wind and recite:

If New Year’s Eve the wind blows south

It betokens warmth and growth.

If west, much milk and fish in the sea.

If north, cold and storms there will be.

If east, the trees will bear much fruit.

If north east, then flee it, man and brute.

Then go out and party! 

The answer is blowing in the wind! Source:

Others believed the time to check out the wind was at sunrise on New Year’s Day, but if you had any fun the night before, it will be hard to wake up at dawn.

If you forgot to check the wind, don’t worry. Other lore says that the first 12 days of the year are just as useful. The weather on the first, good or bad, will reflect how January will feel. The second day forecasts February and so on. Since people in the northern US are having an El Niño, they may be getting a lovely forecast of nice weather for all of 2016.

My favorite is the onion story. Get twelve onions. Between 11:00pm and midnight on New Year’s Eve cut off the tops and scoop out a depression in the centers. Get out your compass and line the onions in an east-west orientation. Place an equal amount of salt in each depression. Then explain to your fellow partiers why you smell like an onion. 

If all else fails, check the onions! Source: Wikipedia

Don’t look at the vegetables until the next morning. The salt has dissolved to varying degrees in each onion. The more water in each onion the wetter the corresponding month will be in the coming year. After this, carefully add potatoes and other root veggies, rub with olive oil and spices and bake.

Whether the onions are right or wrong, you’ll have a nice New Year’s Day feast.

~ By  Evelyn Browing Garriss and James J. Garriss

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