Weather Folklore: What Leaves, Squirrels, Apples and Flowers Predict about Winter

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I sometimes wonder why I am in the climate business. According to folklore, those leaves you have to rake up will tell you all you need to know about winter.

Are your chrysanthemums really pretty? Get out the mittens.

The birds and bees are not only into sex; apparently, they are weather forecasters as well.

The competition for my job is horrendous.

Here is a sample of rodent wisdom:

Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry,
Will cause snow to gather in a hurry.

In addition, a tough winter is ahead if squirrels’ tails are very bushy. (Are you polishing the snow shovel yet?)

Weather folklore claims squirrels know about winter! Source: National Park Service

Birds and bees are giving you hints as well. When birds migrate early or bees build their nests high in the trees, the winter is going to be awful. A narrow band of brown on a woolly caterpillar means the same thing.

Flowers blooming in late autumn are not just pretty. They are warning you that winter will be grim. Source: Wikimedia

Plants are in the weather business as well. When leaves drop early, autumn and winter will be mild; but if they fall late, winter will be severe. Other signs of a bad winter are

  • Flowers blooming in late autumn,
  • Cornhusks are thick and tight,
  • Apple skins are tough,
  • Onion skins are tough and
  • Berries and nuts are plentiful. (That might be why the squirrels are so busy.)

Some of these are based on old-fashioned observation. La Niñas tend to be dry in summer and cold in winter, so if birds leave early, the leaves fall quickly, onions and apples are tough, and caterpillars are short, it may be due to the La Niña drought. A miserable La Niña winter will follow.

Some folklore is warning of a cold La Niña winter.

Other folklore is just based on the idea that you shouldn’t let your guard down. Lots of berries, nuts and flowers may be the sign of a lovely warm November. However, look out, winter will probably be awful!

As for the squirrels—ignore them. They’re just squirrelly!

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commenting on the winter

I know this I study weather I follow all patterns fronts etc but when there is lots of hurricanes and or tropical depressions this means plenty of snow in the coming winter this will never fail you not many hurricanes tropical depressions mean little snow that coming winter a lot of people do not know this I do

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