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June 14, 2014

The space storms are coming! The space storms are coming! Call out Paul Revere! Hide the women and children! Aaaaaaargh! Flare 1 and 2, coming at you! Sources: NASA/SDO/Goddard Wait a minute … the space storm came and went and you didn’t notice? Many experts did a lot of work to prepare for solar storms. The protections worked. The good news is that there was no bad news. Solar storms really do pose a threat. The energy from them can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, producing what is... more

May 25, 2014

With the rising price of salads, it’s harder to eat healthy. Here’s some good news—El Niño is coming. The huge weather event usually brings rain to California, enough to break the drought and help vegetable farming. Here’s the awkward news—the same event usually creates droughts in areas that grow chocolate! You may have to eat healthy. Thanks to El Niño, your salads should be more affordable but that yummy piece of chocolate may cost more. Source: Wikipedia With cooler temperatures in the... more

May 19, 2014

If it’s May, it’s time to work in your garden and (apparently) plan for the upcoming hurricane season. Here’s the good news: All the experts agree that it will be a quieter Atlantic hurricane season with fewer storms. Of course, the bad news is that last year most of the experts agreed that 2013 would be an unusually busy season and it was totally wimpy. Let’s hope they are a little more accurate now. Oddly enough, one of the main reasons that everyone is agreeing the Atlantic will be quieter... more

May 12, 2014

Mother’s Day is supposed to the perfect time for flowers and family outings! Except this year, moms in Denver would have preferred mittens. As the day drew to a close, a storm threatened to drop 3 to 4 inches of snow on the city. At that, city dwellers were getting off easy. Winter storm Zephyr dumped a foot of snow at higher elevations and some areas in Wyoming were hammered with three feet of snow! (By the way, a zephyr is actually gentle western breeze—not a storm!) Mother’s Day brought a... more

May 5, 2014

Spring has arrived—late! Here it is May and we have already had a snowstorm that dumped 5 inches as far south as Arkansas. But the heat is coming and it is time to finally think Spring. That’s right—picture Spring! It’s time to send all that snow back to the Arctic and picture spring! Source: US Postal Service Everyone has their own picture of when spring starts for them. For so many of us, it’s that first trip to the nursery when we drool over the bedding plants. Images of perfect gardens... more

April 28, 2014

If you're one of the many who endured a tough winter this year, consider yourself lucky. In Russia it has been raining—rocks! Click to watch video below. Coming right at you—meteor striking near Murmansk, Russia. Source: YouTube A meteor terrified Russia at the end of April. (Everyone knows that a meteor is in the sky and a meteorite is when it strikes the Earth’s surface, right?) Only last year a large meteorite exploded over the Russian town of Chelyabinsk Oblast. Its huge blast in... more

April 13, 2014

The Tropical Pacific is thousands of miles away from the chilly Midwest. Despite the distance, the fate of your summer grocery and electrical bills rest on those warming tropical waters. An El Niño in the Tropical Pacific can shape the weather in the chilly Midwest. Source: Wikipedia The good news is that the balmy Pacific waters are getting warmer. Our government is on an El Nino watch. If, as most scientists expect, we get an El Nino, the weather will be good for agriculture. If we get one... more

March 30, 2014

Everyone needs a hobby. On March 29, we saw the Sun’s newest hobby. It knit a “Magnetic Crochet” high in our sky. A giant lacey network of rippling electric currents covered the Earth’s upper atmosphere. None of these currents touched the globe’s surface or threatened our electrical grid. Scientists name this rare and rather beautiful effect a “Magnetic Crochet”. The Sun knit a magnetic crochet. Source: NASA On March 29, a large solar flare thrown off by a sunspot caused a surge of electrical... more

March 23, 2014

Most people noticed how hot July was back in 2012, but most people don’t realize how close we came to being really fried. A huge solar storm that could have blasted our electrical grid to ruins barely missed the Earth. Whew! On July 22 and 23 2013, the Earth was nearly slammed by a huge solar storm. Source: NASA A recent article in Nature Communications journal reported that the sun, which goes through cycles of storminess, had a particularly violent one during that period in July. The sun is... more

March 16, 2014

♫ “The cold never bothered me anyway.” ♫ If you live near the Great Lakes, “Frozen” is not just something you see in the local theater. On March 6, 92.2% of the Great Lakes were covered with ice. Hopefully, the cold doesn’t bother you—because scientists are warning that the frozen lakes will chill the spring. Normally the Great Lakes freeze, but this year has been ridiculous. The 40-year average ice coverage each winter is about 51% and recently it has been only 40% or less. However, after the... more


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