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Calendar Articles

When is Mother's Day 2016? Here are Mother's Day dates, weather, history, recipes, and craft—plus, verse and poetry for a Mother's Day card.

When is Labor Day 2015? What is the meaning of Labor Day? Find out from The Old Farmer's Almanac!

When is Presidents' Day 2016? When is George Washington's birthday? Read on . . .

When is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday observed in 2016? See dates for this holiday below.

When is Independence Day (U.S.)? Does it fall on a weekday or weekend this year? See dates below. Then, please take a moment to read a brief history about why we celebrate this most important American holiday.

What day of the week is Veterans Day? Here is a chart of the exact days for 2015.

What day of the week does Valentine's Day fall on?  Will it be a weekend this year?

We all know that New Year's Day is January 1, but what day of the week does it fall this year? Is your holiday smack dab in the middle of the week or does it create a long weekend? See our chart below.

When is the start of Chanukah 2015? See our chart of Chanukah dates—plus, some history about this festival.

Here's information about what day Christmas falls on—as well as the history and meaning of Christmas.

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