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When is the first day of summer 2015? Get information on the 2015 summer solstice facts—plus, fun ways to enjoy summer!

We love leftovers! In fact, leftovers are one of the best parts of a special Thanksgiving or Christmas meal! Here are quick and easy leftover recipes that recycle holiday food into new and delicious meals!

Looking for garden wedding ideas? A love garden, like a relationship, benefits from harmonious structure, balance, and commitment.

When does spring 2015 begin? On this page, get informed about the vernal equinox...

On Valentine's Day, the aromas of chocolate, flowers, and love linger in the air. Here are some recipes from cookies to luscious sweets and treats made simply from the heart.

This year, when you hollow out that Halloween pumpkin, save the seeds to make a cool and colorful necklace. Here's how:

This year when you plant a tree for Arbor Day, know the facts behind the holiday that was founded in 1885. Dedicate a tree to someone who is special to you and check out these facts about Arbor Day and the man who founded it.

"Other holidays...

It takes just two to make a birthday party—two people and a cake! Here are five triple-tested tried-and-true birthday cake recipes—each worth a chorus of ooohs and  aaahs.

Enter our annual Wedding Photo Contest! Photos are accepted year-round.  Prizes are selected in June—the month named for the Roman goddess Juno, patron of marriage and women.

As mentioned in The 2011 Old Farmer's Almanac, long-time contributor Andrew E. Rothovius died on October 28, 2009. In appreciation, we reprise several of his articles for your enjoyment.

"What on Earth is Epact?"...

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