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Decorate for the holidays this season with this festive homemade nut wreath!

Here are three recipes for homemade gifts from your kitchen to share with family and friends this holiday season. For a special touch, make your own gift jars!

Try making your own gift jars this year, because one of the nicest presents you can give is a gift of food from your own kitchen.

These homemade cinnamon ornaments make it fun and easy to decorate for the holidays. A great craft to try with kids! 

In the fall, it seems that almost any warm day is referred to by most people as "Indian summer."

And, while their error is certainly not of the world-shaking variety, they are, for the most part, in error. Here are criteria for an Indian summer:

Daylight Saving Time 2014 ends on Sunday, November 2 at 2 A.M.   How did this practice of DST begin? Read more . . .

Decorate your front door with a cranberry wreath this holiday season. Here's how to make your wreath.

It’s true—the discovery of America by Leif Eriksson and his Vikings over 1,000 years ago didn't really change history.

Leif's explorations never led to permanent settlement. Only a few pieces of physical evidence have been found to corroborate...

In our Dublin, New Hampshire, office hangs a reproduction of a painting by Norman Rockwell depicting Abraham Lincoln standing in front of a jury holding the 1857 edition of an almanac in his hand. Was it The Old Farmer's Almanac?

See chart below for the exact dates and times of the annual equinoxes and solstices