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Birthdays: January 28

Many readers ask The Old Farmer's Almanac what happened on their birthday--or the birthday of a loved one.. To help out, we've put together an everything-birthdays page! Find fun birthday facts, birthday history, folklore, and more!

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Weather History for January 28

1922: Knickerbocker Storm's 28 inches of snowfall crushed Washington theater of the same name, killing over 100 movie patrons

Birthday Weather

What was the weather like on the day that you or a loved one was born? See our free Weather History tool to go back in time!

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Birthday Lore for January 28

Make the most of the talents you are blessed with and ever aspire to greater things. Be cautious and prudent; never let your jealousy or envy of others come between you and your happiness. Put your trust in those worthy of it. You are sincere, and you will win, through your sincerity, a deep and true love.

Who Else Shares This Birthday?

Born 1853: Jose Marti (Cuban poet)

Born 1943: Susan Howard (actress)

Born 1887: Artur Rubinstein (pianist)

On This Day in History

1982: U.S. army officer, James Dozier, was rescued from his Red Brigade captors in Padua, Italy

1878: The Yale Daily News became the first daily, college newspaper in the U.S.

1988: The Canadian Supreme Court ruled federal restrictions on abortions violate the constitution

Signs of the Zodiac

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)

The Water Bearer. Ruling planet: Uranus. Element: Air. Quality: Inventiveness. Ability: To see the future. You are the enthusiastic inventors of the world. Able to see the world as it should be or could be rather than as it is, you have the capacity to set things in motion. Of course, there are a few of you out there who are more conservative, and if this is you, go back and read the Capricorn section. Detached and impersonally friendly to all, you have many acquaintances. You are a dedicated humanitarian and very tolerant—of everything but intolerance. You function well in groups and organizations as long as you can maintain your independence. Freedom is extremely important to you, and you need to be able to do your work your own way.

Source: www.yourlovesigns.com

Birthday Cakes

To celebrate, see 5 recipes for easy, beautiful birthday cakes!

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