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Birthdays: August 4

Many readers ask The Old Farmer's Almanac what happened on their birthday--or the birthday of a loved one.. To help out, we've put together an everything-birthdays page! Find fun birthday facts, birthday history, folklore, and more!

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Weather History for August 4

1961: 112 degrees F at Walla Walla, Washington

Birthday Weather

What was the weather like on the day that you or a loved one was born? See our free Weather History tool to go back in time!

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Birthday Lore for August 4

Although you are positive, somewhat opinionated, willful, shrewd, and intellectual, you are just and sincere and do many kind and noble deeds unknown to others. You are friendly and have many fine friendships. Your home and family ties are dear to you.

Who Else Shares This Birthday?

Born 1971: Jeff Gordon (race car driver)

Born 1978: Kurt Busch (race car driver)

Born 1962: Roger Clemens (baseball player)

On This Day in History

1735: In a triumph for freedom of the press, newspaperman John Peter Zenger was acquitted of the charge of seditious libel

1892: The family of Lizzie Borden was found murdered in their home in Fall River, Massachusetts

1964: Three civil rights workers (James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner) were found murdered outside Philadelphia, Mississippi

Signs of the Zodiac

LEO (July 23-August 22)

The Lion. Ruling planet: Sun. Element: Fire. Quality: Dramatic. Ability: Natural leadership.You are the naturals of the zodiac. Unusually talented, you possess inherent abilities for which even you can’t account. Often dazzlingly charming, you light up a room with your presence, and all in attendance know where you are. Your broad smile and bright eyes make others feel warm and welcome.You always play to the audience. With dramatic effect, you tell your stories, pausing at the right places, occasionally gesturing for emphasis. You need to see a response. Some form of acknowledgment such as a pat on the back is as important to you as the air you breathe. You need to be noticed.

Source: www.yourlovesigns.com

Birthday Cakes

To celebrate, see 5 recipes for easy, beautiful birthday cakes!

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