Birthdays: September 17

Many readers ask The Old Farmer's Almanac what happened on their birthday--or the birthday of a loved one.. To help out, we've put together an everything-birthdays page! Find fun birthday facts, birthday history, folklore, and more!

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Weather History for September 17

1965: Lander, in the Wyoming Rockies, had 20.5 inches of snow

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Birthday Lore for September 17

You consider both sides of a question before making any decision, because of your analytical turn of mind. Painstaking, reliable, and competent, you will be successful in whatever you do. You enjoy traveling and good literature and strive to better yourself. Your home life will be happy and contented.

Who Else Shares This Birthday?

Born 1939: David Souter (U.S. Supreme Court justice)

Born 1883: William Carlos Williams (writer & doctor)

Born 1923: Hank Williams (musician)

On This Day in History

1974: Royal Canadian Mounted Police began accepting women as uniformed members

2005: A 17-pound 4-ounce white catfish was caught in the Humboldt River of Nevada

1969: First public display of a lunar rock, at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Signs of the Zodiac

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

The Virgin. Ruling planet: Mercury. Element: Earth. Quality: Logical. Ability: To reason.You are the organized thinkers of the zodiac. With a critical eye, you dissect and analyze all sorts of data. You seek perfection, and you are able to see instantly the flaw in any given situation. Loving information, you file and store it away for future retrieval. You understand computers intuitively, as your own brain functions in exactly the same manner.Incorporating a sense of humor into your personality keeps you from becoming overly serious. Dependable and responsible, you must guard against taking on the accountability of others. Once you have truly learned how to have fun, yours is an enviable life.


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