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Calendar for September 9th, 2012

Grandparents Day

In 1970, a West Virginia housewife, Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade, initiated a campaign to set aside a special day just for Grandparents. In 1978, the United States Congress passed legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. The proclamation was signed by President Jimmy Carter. (September was chosen to signify the "autumn years" of life.)

Every Year

  • California Admission Day

  • 1810s

  • Died 1815: John Singleton Copley (artist)

  • 1820s

  • Born 1828: Leo Tolstoy (author)

  • 1830s

  • 1839: John Herschel took the first glass plate photograph

  • 1850s

  • 1850: California was admitted as the 31st state

  • 1890s

  • Born 1890: Harland Sanders (founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken)

  • 1898: Tom Fleming won the first national log rolling championship

  • 1900s

  • Died 1901: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (painter)

  • Born 1903: Phyllis Whitney (writer)

  • 1930s

  • Born 1932: Sylvia Miles (actress)

  • Born 1936: Joan Bennett Kennedy

  • 1940s

  • Born 1941: Otis Redding (singer & songwriter)

  • 1950s

  • Born 1951: Tom Wopat (actor & singer)

  • Born 1951: Michael Keaton (actor)

  • Born 1952: Angela Cartwright (actress)

  • 1954: Canadian swimmer, Marilyn Bell, became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario

  • 1956: Elvis Presley appeared for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show. The show was hosted by Charles Laughton because Sullivan was recovering from injuries received in a car accident

  • 1960s

  • Born 1960: Hugh Grant (actor)

  • 1961: USS Long Beach, the first nuclear-powered surface warship, was commissioned

  • Born 1966: Adam Sandler (actor)

  • 1968: Arthur Ashe won the U.S. Open tennis title

  • 1970s

  • Born 1975: Michael Bublé (singer)

  • 1979: The comic strip For Better or For Worse debuted

  • 1980s

  • Born 1980: Michelle Williams (actress)

  • 1990s

  • Died 1997: Burgess Meredith (actor)

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