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Calendar for December 11th, 2012

Every Year

  • Republic Day (Burkina Faso)

  • 1710s

  • 1719: One of earliest recorded sightings of northern lights in North America

  • 1760s

  • 1769: Edward Bevan's venetian blinds patented, London, England

  • 1840s

  • 1844: Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, was first used as a dental anesthetic on Horace Wells, a dentist from Hartford, Connecticut, who had a perfectly good tooth removed by another dentist for the experiment

  • 1860s

  • Born 1863: Annie Jump Cannon (cataloged over 225,000 stars)

  • 1880s

  • 1882: Bijou Theater, first in the United States to be lit by electricity, opened in Boston, Massachusetts

  • 1900s

  • 1909: First public demonstration in U.S. of colored moving pictures, New York City

  • 1910s

  • Born 1918: Alexander Solzhenitsyn (novelist)

  • 1919: Monument to the boll weevil, which had forced farmers to diversify, erected in Enterprise, Alabama

  • 1930s

  • 1930: The Bank of the United States in New York failed, one of many signs of the looming depression

  • 1931: The Statute of Westminster was the last of the Imperial Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain applicable to all the Dominions. It granted Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Australia, the Union of South Africa and the Irish Free State what amounted to independence

  • 1936: George VI became King of England after his brother abdicated the throne

  • 1940s

  • 1944: The Chesterfield Supper Club, featuring Perry Como, among others, debuted on the radio

  • Born 1944: Brenda Lee (singer)

  • 1946: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was established by the United Nations General Assembly

  • Born 1949: Terri Garr (actress)

  • 1950s

  • 1951: Joe DiMaggio retired from baseball after 13 seasons with the NY Yankees

  • Born 1952: Susan Seidelman (director of film)

  • Born 1953: Bess Armstrong (actress)

  • Born 1957: William Joyce (author)

  • 1960s

  • Died 1964: Sam Cooke (singer)

  • Born 1966: Gary Dourdan (actor)

  • 1970s

  • Born 1973: Mos Def (actor & rap artist)

  • Born 1979: Rider Strong (actor)

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