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Calendar for December 27th, 2012

Born 1571: Johannes Kepler (astronomer)

Born 1773: “Father of Aviation” Sir George Cayley

Born 1822: Louis Pasteur (chemist)

Born 1896: Louis Bromfield (writer)

1900: Prohibitionist Carry Nation carried out her first public smashing of a bar at the Carey Hotel in Wichita, Kansas

1904: J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan premiered in London

Born 1910: Charles Olson (poet)

Died 1923: Gustave Eiffel (architect)

1932: Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City

1941: Rubber rationing began in the U.S. with restrictions placed on rubber tires

Born 1943: Cokie Roberts (journalist)

1947: The first episode of The Howdy Doody Show aired

Born 1952: Tovah Feldshuh (actress)

Died 1972: Lester Pearson (Canadian prime minister)

Born 1975: Heather O'Rourke (actress)

Born 1979: Carson Palmer (football player)

Born 1981: Emilie de Ravin (actress)

Died 1981: Hoagy Carmichael (composer)

1987: Steve Largent's 752nd career catch set NFL record

Died 2002: George Roy Hill (director)

Died 2003: Sir Alan Bates (actor)

Died 2012: Norman Schwarzkopf (Army general)

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