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Calendar for January 14th, 2013

1639: "The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut" were adopted

Born 1741: Benedict Arnold (General in U. S. Revolutionary War)

Died 1742: Edmond Halley (astronomer)

1794: First successful cesarean operation in the U.S.

1813: Gideon Hawley became first state school superintendent in the United States (for New York state)

Born 1875: Albert Schweitzer (physician)

Born 1886: Hugh Lofting (author)

Born 1896: John Dos Passos (novelist)

Died 1898: Lewis Carroll (author)

Born 1941: Faye Dunaway (actress)

1954: Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio

Died 1957: Humphrey Bogart (actor)

Died 1965: Jeanette MacDonald (singer)

Born 1968: LL Cool J (rapper & actor)

Born 1969: Jason Bateman (actor)

1970: Diana Ross sang with the Supremes for the last time, Las Vegas, Nevada

Died 1984: Ray Kroc (fast food entrepreneur)

2005: The first probe to land on Saturn's moon, Titan, signaled it survived its descent. The Huygens space probe was designed to last only minutes on Titan's surface, but surpassed the expectations of mission managers. Huygens descended the atmosphere, contacted the surface, and transmitted for at least an hour and a half

Died 2006: Shelley Winters (actress)

Died 2007: Darlene Conley (actress)

Died 2009: Ricardo Montalban (actor)

2010: Andean bear Billie Jean gave birth to the first of twin cubs, at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Born 2011: A rare black rhino was born at the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri

Died 2013: Conrad Stafford Bain (Canadian-American actor)

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