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Calendar for January 15th, 2013

1559: Elizabeth I of England was crowned in Westminster Abbey

Born 1622: Molière (dramatist)

Born 1716: Philip Livingston (patriot)

1777: Vermont declares its independence from Great Britain and the colony of New York as a republic originally called New Connecticut

1795: The University of N.C., the first state university in the US, opens

1861: E. G. Otis received a patent for an elevator safety brake

Died 1896: Mathew Brady (photographer)

Born 1899: Goodman Ace (radio performer)

Born 1909: Gene Krupa (drummer)

Born 1913: Lloyd Bridges (actor)

1919: Great Molasses Flood, Boston, Massachusetts

Born 1929: Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights leader)

Born 1933: Ernest J. Gaines (novelist)

1936: Ford Foundation is incorporated to administer funds for scientific, educational and charitable purposes

1936: First U.S. all-glass windowless structure completed, in Toledo, Ohio

1939: First Pro Bowl game in NFL history is played in Los Angeles, California

1949: First nonstop trans-Canada flight completed

1967: The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I

Born 1968: Chad Lowe (actor)

Born 1971: Regina King (actress)

1974: Happy Days made its television debut

Born 1981: Howie Day (singer)

Died 1987: Ray Bolger (actor)

Died 2005: Ruth Warrick (actress)

Died 2007: Percy Saltzman (first meteorologist to appear on Canadian television)